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This is the Pilipino century – when the Pilipino embraces its identity, intentionally exerts its influence upon the planet, and enables the transformation of humanity towards its true self. The Pilipino models the way to real community, inclusive compassion, and celebration of life.

For those who align spirit, soul and action, 2016 is a Breakthrough Year. According to your intention and actions you will enter into spiritual, emotional, relational, creative and economic well-being.

For those who stay mindful of their thoughts, emotions and actions, they will experience righteousness, peace and joy.

For those who realize that we are all connected, that binary thinking (opposite thinking, good/bad, right/wrong, sinners/saints) separates; that gifts and skills are used in service for others; and focus on acting inter-dependently, they will experience fullness of life.

The key is DAILY ACTIVITY: manage a constant and honest relationship with your soul (intellect, emotions and will); stay aware of your True Self, your core. Paul called it “Christ in you” – that dynamic presence within that helps you overcome failure and negativity, create and “make all things new”. Christ is Life itself but is also present within you. As well as everybody else. So begin by loving and respecting yourself. Doing so makes you fit to relate to your family. .

Your family is your mission field. it is your purpose to help them become aware by your example of love and respect.

Awakened families empower the community.  It will take a web of relationships to do the job.  it will take work to bridge the economic, social and spiritual gaps.  But it can be done. As we learn to collaborate with and support each other. it will take the whole village working together to transform our lives.  But when it happens, it will be our gift to the nation.

And the Pilipino nation will be our gift to the world.

It starts with remembering who we are – men and women incarnating ‘righteousness, peace and joy”. As every Pilipino awakens we will see the transubstantiation, the amazing evolution of humanity, into the New Man. As we stretch into the best versions of ourselves, it will be as if God Itself dwells and lives among us.  A new heaven, a new earth.

The answer has always been there. It is time to awake.

Those who have an ear let him hear.