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writer, teacher, storyteller, social entrepreneur, mentor, grandparent, friend, human being

Ernie has gone through many career changes.  

He studied for medicine, but shifted to advertising. .

Seeing his mother die, he had an epiphany – that life ends.  So he resolved to find the meaning of his time on earth. He then married Joy, and they had children – Dodie and Lui. He studied for the ministry and along with a small group of young people begun a church that grew into the thousands. They sent missionaries as far as Malaysia and Northwest China,  But at its peak they closed it down, having seen that a traditional church system was not sufficient to transform people.

They embraced the message of the “indwelling Christ” as the cornerstone of  a meaningful life, of being “spiritual but not religious”.  Leaving formal ministry behind, they began a journey to live as ordinary men and women “in Christ” on earth.  As a seminal movement they expressed it through green initiatives, community work among ethnic sub-groups, education and micro-credit.  In the meantime, Ernie went to business school and took a graduate degree in social entrepreneurship, then developed and marketed organic fertilizer.

Going through a personal crisis, he began to travel and study other religions, finding out that ancient practices and major religions all shared in the “perennial philosophy” – that all can experience union with God. He started to relate with both religious and non-religious groups, especially those engaged in the human potential movement, and awareness-based social change groups.

Today he finds his purpose in communicating principles that initiate and support personal and social change.

He did graduate work in English Literature and Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Manila University; completed a Masters in Divinity (majoring in Biblical Studies) at Silliman University; and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management.  He has sat under Peter Senge, on the subject of Systems Thinking, Otto Scharmer discussing Theory U, Nick Perlas and the Lemniscape Process.

He has 5 grandchildren, is finishing a book, serves as consultant, and continues to write on a wide variety of subjects.  He does like the cool weather and bulalo of Tagaytay.  He is open to “go anywhere, as long as it is forward”.